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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friuts you will love to see and eat also .....!

Weird and Exotic "Star Trek" Fruit

With all the buzz about the new Star Trek movie, it seems appropriate to highlight some real-world exotic foods that would fit right into this multi-generation SciFi universe. Whether you are a Trekkie or a Foodie or a TrekkieFoodie (?), this cast of other-worldly foods from Frieda's Specialty Produce is actually quite delicious, if you're brave enough to put one into your shopping basket...

Rambutan - More like a tropical sea creature than a Southeast Asian delicacy, the spiky crimson-red shell of the rambutan, or hairy cherry as it's known in Vietnam, covers a succulent, pearly, juicy fruit with a fragrant rosy flavor of strawberries and muscat.

Kiwano - Like the surface of Mars with jagged peaks rising from an orange and red ringed surface, the Kiwano®, or horned melon, looks more at home on the set of Star Trek than in your refrigerator. Underneath its cosmic shell is a brilliant lime-green pulp with cucumber-like seeds and a tart refreshing flavor of melon, citrus, cucumber and banana. In Star Trek lingo, this is a Golana Melon (see below).

Lychee - Treasured by Chinese royalty for thousands of years, fresh Lychees are slowly being discovered by Westerners for their ultra-sweet taste and exotic appeal. About the size of a large grape, each Lychee has a rough, rose-colored skin covered with small raised bumps. Beneath the thin and leathery peel is a fragrant pearly-white flesh surrounding a single black seed. The Lychee’s flavor is candy-sweet, perfumy and floral with musky grape-like undertones.

Longan - These grape- to plum-sized Asian fruits, which are related to lychees, are sometimes called "dragons' eyes," because peeling their thin brown shells reveals a transparent, jellylike fruit with a large, dark seed in its center. Sometimes referred to as the “little brother of the Lychee,” the sweet Longan tastes somewhat musky but not quite as sweet or perfumy as the Lychee.

Cherimoya - Cherimoyas are somewhat heart-shaped with thin green, etched skin similar to a closed pinecone. They have creamy white pulp with a wonderful sweet, custard-like flavor when ripe – a combination of papaya, banana, and pineapple.
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